TBCT Trainers

TBCT trainers are committed to developing a safe and relaxed learning environment, where participants can practice and learn without fear. Our trainers lead the discussion on proven and effective communication techniques, and provide feedback and encouragement so that each participant is confident in applying newly acquired skills in the workplace. As trainers, we respect individuality and variety, and work to adapt the training environment to meet each person’s needs. The trainer’s goal is for each participant to discover new communication techniques, and be secure in their ability to use them.

Each TBCT trainer holds an advanced degree in psychology, neuroscience, or sociology.


Kelly is a neuroscientist with over 10 years in cognitive and behavioral research, including experience in designing and implementing blended development programs. Her areas of specialization include the neurobiologic basis of communication and interpersonal relations, cross-cultural awareness, leadership development, and team building.

Kelly enjoys creating a collaborative and interactive learning environment, delivered in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, ensuring that participants take pleasure in and benefit from their training experience. By adopting an outgoing, facilitative role, Kelly challenges participants to experiment with skills through practical exercises, enabling participants to absorb the information at a deeper level, and develop skills that directly improve performance and are fully transferrable to the workplace.