Self Appraisal

Self-Appraisal: The Path for Personal Growth

In order to achieve excellence, we must analyze our skills and competencies from time to time. Self-appraisal encourages us to be proud of our accomplishments, while working to overcome our limitations.

TBCT communication workshops incorporate simulations of real-life communication challenges. The simulations serve as a platform from which participants can practice new communication techniques. With permission, the simulations are filmed to create a professionally edited video of each participant’s progression through the Praxis Cycle. As a follow-up to the workshop, participants receive their video, which contains feedback from the TBCT trainer and a review of the communication techniques that were implemented during their simulation. With this video, participants have the ability to observe their performance from an objective viewpoint, deepening their understanding of, and their ability to apply effective communication strategies.

This self-appraisal process is completely personalized according to the individual participant’s goals. It encourages participants to think about their performance, their progress, and their plans for future growth.

For personal and professional growth, it is essential to identify and understand objectives and have a clear plan of action for achieving them. Therefore, self-appraisal becomes an important exercise in improvement because it enables participants to compare the subjective experience of their performance with an objective assessment of their behavior.