The Praxis Cycle: Creative, Innovative, Transformative

Research has shown that the best approach in learning new behavioral skills is through direct experience. Unfortunately, experience is a protracted event that costs organizations and individuals valuable financial and emotional resources.

The Praxis Cycle is an educational approach that is similar to real-life experience, but is delivered in a safe and compact environment.

The Praxis Cycle helps participants understand complex behavioral skills. Using this method, participants learn new communication skills and, without the risk of emotional injury or unwanted outcomes, are able to apply these techniques with immediate results.

As they progress through the Praxis Cycle, participants interact with a professional actor trained in real-life educational improvisation techniques. With the actor, participants simulate actual cases of communication challenges drawn from their own socio-professional experiences.

The main objectives of the Praxis Cycle are:

  • to explore real interpersonal systems
  • to experiment with results-oriented and scientifically validated communication techniques
  • to gain a deep understanding of these communication skills for successful implementation in future interactions

With the Praxis Cycle, participants are able to apply knowledge gained through exposure, adapt to new environments, and overcome various communication challenges.