Communication Skills Tool Kit

The TBCT Communication Skills Tool Kit: An excellent resource for communication skills and practices. Learning typically consists of three aspects: seeing, hearing, and feeling.

TBCT communication workshops incorporate all three aspects of the learning process. Participants hear about communication strategies from TBCT trainers. They feel new communication skills as they practice the exercises in simulations. And participants can see the communication strategies in The Communication Skills Tool Kit.

Research on interpersonal communication has identified the optimal strategies that should be used during difficult confrontations or when one wants to resolve a tense situation. These communication strategies are the very techniques that are taught in TBCT workshops. Although these techniques are fairly simple to incorporate into workplace communication, initially it can seem daunting just to remember each strategy.

In order to help participants learn and become familiar with these techniques, we have created the Communication Skills Tool Kit. The Communication Skills Tool Kit provides a simple and concise explanation of each communication strategy that will be presented during the TBCT workshop. Each technique will be reviewed with the trainer, and then put into practice by one or more participant(s) during the role-plays. Participants are free to add their own notes alongside the definitions in the Communication Skills Tool Kit to help deepen their understanding of new techniques. Moreover, participants will be able to keep their Communication Skills Tool Kit to use as an additional guide for improving communication, alongside their self-appraisal video and TBCT online support.