The Tony Beck Communication Training method: The Praxis Cycle

Learning by Doing

Research has shown that the best way to acquire new skills is through a hands-on approach; that is, learning by doing. Tony Beck Communication Training utilizes a 100% active learning approach through the Praxis Cycle.

What I Hear, I Forget; What I See, I Remember; What I Do, I Understand.


The Praxis Cycle allows participants to learn and practice new communication skills in a safe environment. Through practice, participants are able to easily transfer skills to the workplace for immediate results.

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Tony Beck Communication Training provides a hands-on experience that enables participants to transform their behaviors through educational interactions, resulting in positive growth with a lasting impact

Because we offer only practical communication exercises, there are a few things that you
can expect NOT to find in our workshops.

  • NO Boring slideshows or lengthy discussions on theory
  • NO Affectional bonding
  • NO False assumptions that developing and strengthening communication skills is an easy process
  • NO Unrealistic, irrelevant, or “virtual” training scenarios
  • NO False assumptions that all participants come from the same cultural background, are the same age and gender, and have the same experiences